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The following practices/practitioners offer services in French in Nova Scotia. Entries are in alphabetical order (service name or practitioner's name).

Allied Therapy

Halifax, NS

(902) 580-1060

At Home Speech & Language Services, Inc.

Susanne R. Cassidy Duggan, M.Sc., SLP-Reg

Halifax, NS

(902) 292-8799

Exclusively mobile (in-home and approved locations) speech and language services. Telepractice also offered.

Ages: pre-school, school-age

Clinical areas for children: speech, motor speech, language, fluency, autism spectrum disorder, social communication other than ASD, augmentative communication, reading and writing

Languages: English, French

Service locations: in-home services (no travel fee), on site visits to preschools and private schools, local libraries

Regions (in-person): Halifax

Telepractice: yes

One Bite At A Time: Swallowing and Speech Services Inc.

Juliana McLaren, MSc SLP-Reg, SLP(C), with professional interest in adult and pediatric swallowing

Bedford, Nova Scotia

Description: One Bite At A Time: Swallowing and Speech Services provides specialized and evidence-based assessment and treatment services for people with difficulty swallowing (dysphagia) of all ages. We offer endoscopic swallowing evaluations for adults, and can design individualized rehabilitation programs to maintain or improve swallow function. We also provide pediatric feeding skill assessment, and can help children build the skills they need to eat safely, and efficiently. In addition to these specialized feeding and swallowing services, we also provide speech, language, and voice therapy for adults and children.

Ages: pre-school and pre-primary, school-age, adult (18-64), older adult (65+)

Services for children: speech, language, ASD, social communication other than ASD

Services for adults: speech, language, adult ASD, voice and resonance, voice for performing arts, augmentative communication, acquired by brain injury (including stroke and TBI), neurodegenerative disorders.

Languages: English, French

Service locations (in-person): clinic, in home services (travel fee), continuing care centres, preschool sites

Regions: Halifax

Telepractice: yes

Shoreline Therapy: Speech and Occupational Therapy

Clinic Manager: Pamela Coulter, M.Sc., SLP-Reg, SLP(C)

Main Clinic: Paddlers Cove, 300 Prince Albert Road, Suite 120, Dartmouth, NS

Kings Location: Main Street Station Building, 325 Main Street, Unit 10, Kentville, NS

(902) 405-7855 | (902) 219-3065

Ages: preschool, school-age, adults, older adults

Clinical areas for children: speech, motor speech, language, fluency, autism spectrum disorder, social communication, voice, reading and writing

Clinical areas for adults: speech, language, fluency, voice, transgender voice modification, accent modification/training, acquired brain injury, neurodegenderative disorders

Languages: English, French (children)

Service locations: clinic

Regions (in-person): Halifax, Kings

Telepractice: yes

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